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Establishing healthy oral hygiene habits sets the foundation for a lifetime of clean, sparkling teeth. If you’re looking to improve the look and health of your teeth and gums, call our office today to make an appointment for oral hygiene in Fairfax.

What Are the Basics of Oral Hygiene?

Preserving the cleanliness of the teeth and gums with thorough dental cleanings and good habits at home is referred to as oral hygiene. When tartar and other debris are allowed to remain in the mouth, it can result in gum disease and tooth decay. Fortunately, many hygiene issues can be eradicated when addressed by a dentist. Even if it’s been a long time since your last professional cleaning, our dentists can help you create a healthier smile. Call us today to get started.

Dental Hygiene Tips

With just a few lifestyle adjustments, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Get started today with these useful tips:

  • After every meal or twice per day, brush teeth thoroughly using an appropriately-sized toothbrush
  • Use dental floss to clean areas between the teeth
  • Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products
  • When selecting dental care products, choose those that contain fluoride
  • Consume fewer sugary snacks and beverages

In addition to following these oral hygiene tips, call our office to schedule a routine dental cleaning. Our dentists are committed to helping people of all ages achieve excellent oral hygiene in Fairfax.

How Can I Get Healthy Teeth?

While brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash at home will help you keep your teeth clean, the best way to avoid severe dental health issues is to schedule regular checkups with a dentist. With regular cleanings and checkups, oral hygiene problems can be addressed and treated before they worsen. Keeping your teeth healthy can reduce the risk of tooth loss, which allows you to chew and speak easily. It also reduces the chances of developing dental infections and chronic inflammation caused by gum disease.

How Can I Help My Child Develop Good Dental Hygiene Skills?

At our practice, we recommend children first see a dentist after their first birthday. Regular checkups and cleanings should continue throughout your child’s life. Around age six, many children are coordinated enough to try brushing their teeth by themselves. However, sometimes giving children oral hygiene instructions can be extremely challenging. We recommend using positive reinforcement strategies to help your child learn proper dental care. This might include offering small rewards and treats for practicing good dental habits or completing a successful trip to the dentist.

How Can I Practice a Dental Hygiene Routine at Home?

Practicing good dental hygiene at home is an important part of your overall dental health. To get started, select a toothbrush that fits inside your mouth easily. Brush each quadrant of your mouth with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, twice per day. Then, use a piece of dental floss to carefully remove debris from between the teeth. Mouthwash can also be used to rinse the teeth during this routine. Please get in touch with our office to learn more about the importance of dental hygiene.

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Great people!
Nicholas S.
I have been a patient of Dr. Miller for many years. He is a perfectionist in his field and he always insures that a procedure is done exactly right. I know it doesn’t come any better than that!
Sarah D.
Crystal was awesome! Very sweet and patient with Robert, my dad, and very professional. We loved Dr. Lin too! She was so nice and understanding with my dad and she made us very comfortable with her […]
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Maintains the “Gold” standard in preventive dental care.
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Great dentist! Helpful and pleasant support staff.
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Dr. Miller is the best dentist I have had in my 67 years of life. I have used at least 10 other dentists during my lifetime, and I consider Dr. Miller to be head and shoulders above all the rest.
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Very efficient, pleasant and professional staff. Dr. Miller is fantastic!
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Appointment on time. Nice dentist. Good x-ray technician.
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Good service, professional staff
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caring and efficient
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I feel my Cleaning by Masoon was very good and my Dental Check-up by Dr Miller was great. Both of them treated me very nice and made me feel welcome to be there.
Cheryl R.
On time, pleasant experience.
Roger B.
Very nice staff. The Dr is great.
Christin H.
The staff is very friendly.
Edward B.
Terrific service and my child loves his hygienist who clean his teeth
Adrian Z.
Best dental experience I have ever had. I went in terrified and left very happy and actually able to say I loved the dentist.
Jessica B.
Dr. Miller is a miracle dentist!
Steve P.
the professionalism of the entire staff. Every procedure was explained beforehand and during the procedure which I like. The best staff in Fairfax.7
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Quality service
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Office staff very nice, and I had a good experience with my new hygienist Sammy. Dr. Miller was great as usual.
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