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Tooth Crowns in Fairfax

A tooth crown can provide a better appearance for damaged teeth and greater dental health. If you believe any of those options are necessary for your teeth, get in touch with us today to find out more about tooth crowns

What Exactly Is a Crown?

It’s a tiny tooth covering that goes over a damaged tooth or an embedded dental implant. A tooth crown looks just like a small cap, which makes many people also refer them to them as tooth caps. They are most frequently used for extensive tooth decay, breakage, or cracks that can’t be repaired by a dental filling. Dentists also rely on them to keep dental bridges stable and as an aesthetic solution for stained, poorly-shaped, or discolored teeth. The natural color and appearance of crowns makes them a virtually invisible treatment option.

Do Crowns for Teeth Require a Dental Specialist?

Any trained dentist can provide you with a tooth cap because it’s deemed as routine a procedure as a cleaning or a root canal. If you have suffered dental damage or want to improve the appearance of your teeth, please call our local practice to schedule an appointment.

Do Crowns Come in Different Varieties?

Yes, but the main distinction is whether they are a pre-formed temporary crown or a specially-crafted permanent crown. The temporary caps are used for protection while you await your permanent caps, which is custom made to match your other teeth by our dental lab.

Should You Choose to Get a Ceramic Crown?

According to our dentists, a ceramic cap is ideal if you’re in need of a front tooth crown because it has a more natural color than porcelain dental caps or a gold crown tooth. While these caps may be able to sustain daily wear, they are also more brittle and likely to break than other kinds of crowns if you have a forceful bite.

When Is a Porcelain Crown a Good Choice?

If strength and durability are a priority for you, then porcelain crowns are ideal because they have a strong core of metal. Their unique composition of metal with porcelain gives them a much stronger seal than other types of caps, so they provide added protection against decay and leaks. But, you also need to consider that a moderate degree of your natural dental structure will need to removed for their placement.

Is the Dental Crown Procedure Complicated?

The procedure is surprisingly simple and can typically be done in just two dentist appointments. During your first appointment, one of our dentists will see if you’re eligible for a crown by examining your damaged tooth for sufficient dental structure. If your tooth can support a cap, it will be scraped down and an impression will be made so our lab can produce your permanent crown. You’ll then receive a temporary crown as protection while the permanent one is crafted. A few weeks later, you will return for your second appointment to have your permanent crown placed by our dentist.

Are All Types of Dental Crowns Expensive?

No. Rest assured that our dentists will inform you about all of your options and recommend the most affordable caps to meet your needs. Additionally, many dental insurance policies and discount dental plans will actually help relieve some of your total dental crown cost. Feel free to contact us for additional details.

How Can You Make Your Crowns Last a Long Time?

By maintaining healthy dental hygiene habits, you crowns can stay in great condition for nearly 40 years. Good oral hygiene doesn’t demand a lot of time or effort. Start by brushing your teeth gently a minimum of twice a day. Then, floss once or more each day. And finally, schedule regular appointments at our practice for routine exams and professional cleanings.

To get started on a healthy smile, call us today and let us arrange a convenient appointment for you.

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